My Story

I have had a problem with drinking for a while now.  For the last year all I did (pretty much) was sit on the couch and drink.  I was at home – with my family – but NOT with my family.  I shut down, stopped living for the last year.  I hated myself!

My husband (Love Bug) had had enough!  He went and talked to my therapist about what he could do to help me.  They decided that what I needed was inpatient treatment.  Love Bug came home and told me and I was THRILLED!!!!  I wanted this sooo much!  I wanted to get well!

I entered rehab on May 30, 2014.  Scared to death!!  Didn’t know what to expect!  I had to tell “my story” about 3 times that day.  The admission process was like walking through a fire pit!  The shame and guilt I felt was incredible.  What I had put my family and friends through was unforgivable.

The 30 days in rehab were both heaven and hell.  I had to talk about things that about killed me but in doing that, I let the pain out and peace flooded in.  I praise God for being there (so thick!) with me through the entire time.  I learned so much about myself and what my life could be.  I learned that I didn’t have to live that way anymore.  I could have a wonderful, sober life.

I made some amazing friends in rehab.  We have already been texting and talking about how life is on the outside.  They are such a great support for me. I will love them forever along with the CA;s (counselor assistants) from rehab.  These people are the HEART of rehab.  They were there 24/7 to talk to, cry with, hold on to, and just be my angels!  I can not thank these people enough!!

I’ve been going to AA for the past 2 years.  I have an amazing support system of friends at my AA home group.  They even came to see me at rehab.  I will be leaning on them to get me through the happy times and the bad times.  I also have the most amazing family.  They love me and want the best for me.  They are my rock! I came home on June 30.  It was very weird to be outside those walls, but I am so happy.  At 50, I have been given the gift of a happy, amazing, sober life.

I will be writing on this blog daily – hopefully.  I think it will be good to keep me in the moment, in the present.  Also I hope that in sharing my good times and trials (staying sober) maybe I can give someone else hope.

Thanks for listening!

God bless!!

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